Business & You is just a summary of my business experiences. I always remained experimental & loved to make mistakes as it helped me to learn at what am I lacking in. In a short span of time I tried several business types & niche to move ahead with but after crawling to a little further I realized that still there is something I missed back.

Yes its true “I faced several failures but I am happy that I will not repeat those again & if possible will help some others too in ignoring those. This is all about “Business & You” A blog based on personal experience, tractions, facts & unseen occurrences. Hope you will find it helpful

  • If you are planning to start your own business
  • If you are already into business for few months
  • If you are all set to get Incubated or funded.

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Disclaimers : As these all suggestions posted on this blog are suggestions come from compiled personal experiences and are meant for educational purposes only. There is no guarantee that such content and advice will work for you. “Users personal discretion advised before making any decisions. I hope you will not take me liable for any loss & damageS.


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